5 min read

The Week in Politics

What happened, what does it mean, why does it matter.

3 min read

7 things to know about controversial Federal Civil Service Bill

Changes that the proposed bill will have on civil service

4 min read

How BJP is proposing to change Jammu & Kashmir and what that means

The government is using a legal technicality to remove the autonomy that was otherwise given to the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

4 min read

Nijgadh Airport: What is proposed and why environmental analysts are so worried

The proposed airport in Nijgadh, which would be Nepal’s second international airport, gets a lot of flak from environmentalists. The Record explains what is at stake.


12 min read

Oversold, overhyped, evidence-free development

Nijgadh is not about environment vs. development, it’s the economics that makes no sense at all.

17 min read

How going hungry affects children for their whole lives

Food poverty is on the rise in rich countries. And evidence suggests the impact can last for years afterwards.

8 min read

A Ghost Settlement in Gorkha

Non-Resident Nepali Association wasted NPR 350 million on houses no one wants to live in

11 min read

Criminalization of cow-slaughter is a tool of caste terror

Even in a supposedly secular era, the Nepali state continues to uphold upper-caste Hindu values