5 min read

Print is back but many journalists are not

The effects of the pandemic — salaries slashed and jobs lost — have yet to wear off on Nepal’s journalists.

6 min read

Vaccines for everyone, except the elderly

The elderly continue to wait their turn as journalists, diplomats, development workers, government officials, and bankers get the jab.

6 min read

Jumping the vaccine queue

Many Nepalis are outraged that journalists, UN staff, and diplomats are eligible for vaccinations ahead of the elderly and at-risk groups.

5 min read

The numbers game

All safety precautions have been relaxed in Nepal but instead of rising, Covid-19 cases are falling, perplexing the medical community.

4 min read

The recent appointments to constitutional bodies, explained

By dissolving the House and pushing through an ordinance, Oli has twisted the law to place his own men in powerful constitutional positions.

5 min read

Everything you need to know about the vaccines arriving Thursday

The Record explains how the Covishield vaccine works and how the government will roll out the first million doses

7 min read

Lessons from Nepal’s trade performance during the Covid-19 pandemic

To get on the path to sustained economic recovery, Nepal will need to develop trade mechanisms that have been re-calibrated to meet the needs of the changed global context

4 min read

Why the mid-hills continue to get denuded of people

Unless the basic needs of the villagers in Nepal’s mid-hills are addressed, they will continue to migrate to other places

11 min read

One hat to rule them all: the dhaka topi and the subjugation of minority cultures in Nepal

While nationalists celebrate the hat as a symbol of a ‘unified’ Nepal, Madhesis and other marginalised groups regard it as a symbol of oppression and forced assimilation

12 min read

The Ncell shell game: Did foreign firms fund Nepali investors’ giant profits?

A series of clandestine, if legal, deals between numerous offshore companies has netted millions in profits to a handful of Nepali investors

59 min read

The Gorkha War and its aftermath

A comprehensive analysis of the Kalapani issue

16 min read

Considering the Nepal-China border

Nepal’s leaders should pay greater attention to developing coherent and effective policies for the northern border

7 min read

After conquering K2, Gelje Sherpa wants to set a world record

Gelje, one of the 10 men who summited K2 in the winter for the first time, is now aiming to set a record as the youngest to climb all 14 eight-thousanders.

4 min read

The melting towers of Himalayan water

When it comes to climate change, Global media attention has stayed on island nations but the Himalaya have their own unique vulnerabilities.

7 min read

Once, he destroyed liquor as a social evil. Now, he wants to make wine.

Prabes Roka Magar spent 10 years fighting the state but now he’s disillusioned and looking to start a wine factory in Thabang, the heart of the Maoist insurgency.

6 min read

They marched against the patriarchy. Then they received rape and death threats.

The attacks on poet Sapana Sanjeevani and leaders of the Women’s March are just one part of a pandemic of online violence against women.