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What does the Environmental Impact Assessment report say about the feasibility of the Nijgadh Airport project?

Forests capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide in the plant biomass as well as in soils. Cutting down the Nijgadh forest will significantly increase the carbon emission into the atmosphere.

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The Record’s word of the year 2018

The ultimate revenge of the hill bureaucrats

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The best thing the KP Oli administration has done for workers’ protection so far

But it remains to be seen if it will be implemented properly

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Why the federal states have not been able to deliver, explained

 The state governments have been frustrated due to lack of cooperation  from the federal government. Almost seven months after the Chief Ministers of states were sworn into office, they gathered for a special meeting in Pokhara last month to discuss the challenges they have faced in the transition to federalism. They came to the conclusion that […]


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A Ghost Settlement in Gorkha

Non-Resident Nepali Association wasted NPR 350 million on houses no one wants to live in

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Criminalization of cow-slaughter is a tool of caste terror

Even in a supposedly secular era, the Nepali state continues to uphold upper-caste Hindu values

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Anatomy of a police investigation: have authorities in Nepal’s Bardiya district passed a murder off as suicide?

14 year old Pramila Tharu’s death remains shrouded in mystery

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“A lot has changed but Nepal’s security dilemma has remained unchanged since the 18th Century”

An Interview with Former Army chief Gaurav Rana about Nepal’s Challenges in Diplomacy