2 min read

Nepal not prepared for Covid’s worst

As the case numbers and deaths keep increasing, Nepal seems to be staring at a brewing disaster

2 min read

Ten Covid deaths in the last 24 hours

More people are getting critically ill, and dying, as Covid-19 continues to spread rapidly across Nepal

2 min read

Kathmandu Valley goes into semi-lockdown

A sharp rise in Covid infections has compelled the government to buckle up

9 min read

Stress and suicide in Nepal’s quarantines

Several inmates have died by suicide while many others have been hobbled by the depression and anxiety resulting from conditions inside Nepal’s ill-managed quarantine facilities

7 min read

How acid attacks are fueled by a corrosive culture of male entitlement

Acid attacks constitute one of the most brutal manifestations of deep seated patriarchy

8 min read

Game of thrones

By proposing a party general convention in December, Oli has managed to turn the tables on his comrades who want to oust him, but given the NCP’s overall landscape, the current stalemate at the top will likely continue

2 min read

WHO hasn’t approved any home remedy for COVID-19

A message circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger claims that an Indian student from Pondicherry University has found a cure for COVID-19, and the “home remedy” has been approved by World Health Organization (WHO).

3 min read

The maze of the migrant labour channel

The Record presents a series of infographics on Nepal’s labour channels for outgoing and returning migrant labourers

9 min read

How a mighty Rana met his match and learnt a hard lesson

For some reason, he must have thought that the Star was not eye-catching enough, and this article centres on his efforts to, as he saw it, put things right

23 min read

Baber Shumshere’s relentless quest

Chandra tries to control a growing demand for more Awards led by his son Baber but reveals an acute sensitivity to the position of the monarch and steps in to help an errant son-in-law in serious trouble with the British in India.

18 min read

Ranas and Gongs

Part 1: Recruiting haggles, Chandra, the game-changer, and getting a “K” for Bhim

13 min read

Why Kathmandu’s land prices continue to skyrocket

Nepal’s moneyed classes, aided by unscrupulous banks and an irresponsible government, have turned land into a quickly tradeable commodity

4 min read

Questionable compensation for Rukum victims

The families of the victims of the Rukum murders eye the government’s recent compensation offer with suspicion

5 min read

Hospitals complicit in the deaths of at least a dozen patients over Covid fears

Hospitals across Nepal have denied treatment to patients with Covid-like symptoms. So far, they have not faced any consequences

5 min read

Supremely biased

From the CJ on down, Nepal’s top-rung judges have amassed a track record of questionable verdicts

3 min read

A rare, golden turtle — first of its kind — discovered in Nepal

Lack of pigmentation makes the turtle appear golden in colour