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Creating an Account

  • 1. Click LOGIN in the navigation bar.
  • 2. You can create an account according to your Social Media account (Google, Facebook or Twitter). Or you can create an account with your other email address through “Don't have an account? Register.”.
  • 3. After clicking on “Don't have an account? Register.” , you need to fill the form and register.

Voila, you have become a member of our community in Record Nepal CMS.

Setting up profile

  • 1. Look for PROFILE in the sidebar.
  • 2. Go to the Profile page.
  • 3. Fill up the information to complete setting up your profile.
  • 4. Upload a handsome/ beautiful profile picture of yourself.
  • 5. After setting up the profile hit SAVE CHANGES at the bottom to update your profile.

Voila, you have set up your profile.

Writing an Article

  • 1. After logging in you will land on the Dashboard page.
  • 2. In the left sidebar you can see “COMPOSE”.
  • 3. Click the link and COMPOSE will open. You will need to enter the input fields and write the article accordingly. If you haven't finished the article don't worry you can SAVE the article by clicking in the bottom, “SAVE AS DRAFT”.
  • 4. If you have completed the article you will need to send the article for review which will be done by our Editor and then publish the articles. Click “SUBMIT ARTICLE” to send the article for review.

Your article will be in review. If the article doesn't need any correction from the Editor it will be published according to the time set by the Editors. If it needs any correction or feedback the article will be sent back to you with feedback from the Editor.

Becoming a Member

  • 1. In the dashboard page, there is an image with BECOME A MEMBER label.
  • 2. Click on the image, and payment instructions will be displayed.
  • 3. You can pay as much as you like for membership.
  • 4. You can pay through Khalti, eSewa or Paypal. Please select the payment method and if you select Khalti or eSewa please enter your number for verification.

Congratulations! You have become a member of Record Nepal.