Social Media Policy

Social media policy applies to all journalists working at The Record. Journalists are expected to take the readers with them on stories they carry and are encouraged to engage with the readers on social media platforms.


Post all new uploads to site on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and where applicable YouTube. Customize posts for each social media platform. Where applicable, tag the writers and creators. It is best to schedule post using a social media management tool such as Buffer.

Half of our readers come to the site through our posts to social media. Our social media posts are therefore the public face of The Record. It is vital that our posts are maturely written and correctly spelled and punctuated.

We will not engage trolls. All comments and replies must be diplomatic and friendly, never antagonistic or rude. Keep it informal.


Tweet each story at least twice after uploading to the site. Tag authors and relevant parties in at least one tweet.

Create Moments and Threads on Twitter.

We follow only the writers who have published on The Record. Retweet especially engaging, humorous, or insightful posts by writers we follow.


Post each story and a short description after uploading to the site.


Max one post per story. Create Stories. Use the best photo or illustration in the story. Tag where applicable.