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12 min read

Oversold, overhyped, evidence-free development


Nijgadh is not about environment vs. development, it’s the economics that makes no sense at all.

11 min read

Criminalization of cow-slaughter is a tool of caste terror

Even in a supposedly secular era, the Nepali state continues to uphold upper-caste Hindu values

9 min read

How visibility is changing the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Nepal

Society acknowledges but does not accept

17 min read

The old weight of caste

Throughout Nepali history, the brutality of the caste system has stunted social transformation

2 min read

A victory for the democrats

The Rana regime ends and King Tribhuvan promises a Constituent Assembly

2 min read

A regime on the verge of collapse

As the Rana regime nears its downfall, Nepal gets its first constitution

2 min read

A growing resistance

Juddha faces resistance from the Rana family, the Nepali dissenters, and the British India

2 min read

The First World War and its aftermath

The British affirm Nepal’s independence, and dissent starts to find voices

2 min read

Bir to Chandra

Reforms, some for the sake of the British Empire, others for the Nepali people

2 min read

Jung takes control

A sketch of his life to understand his character, strategies, and ambitions

18 min read

The death of a journalist

A trial in Dailekh and its lessons for transitional justice in Nepal

2 min read

The downfall of Bhimsen Thapa

Who will rule the country now?

2 min read

Five incidents from the Anglo-Nepal war

Gorkhalis put up a tough fight but a change in British strategy brings about a decisive turn of events

2 min read

The path to war

Nepal prepares for war with the British

2 min read

Flirting with disaster

A young king’s passions swerves Nepal into precarious circumstances

2 min read

History Series, episode 6 – China invades Nepal

Will the Gorkhali Army succeed against the great empire?

2 min read

History Series, episode 5 – West to Kumaon!

Bahadur Shah regains control as regent but faces an unlikely invasion

2 min read

History Series, episode 4 – Turmoil and confusion

The conclusion of a conquest brings conspiracies and a fight for power

2 min read

History Series, episode 3 – Gorkhali Aayo

How Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu valley

2 min read

History Series, episode 2 – Kathmandu becomes a target

A young prince from Gorkha sets his mind to conquer the valley of Kathmandu

2 min read

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