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Nepal Now is a podcast series where Marty Logan speaks to Nepalis about building a better country.

Dalit lives matter — but to who?

NEPAL NOW - October 12, 2020

Anyone who lives in Nepal knows about caste and untouchability — the social rules that slot people into rigid groups from which they can rarely escape. At the bottom of the caste hierarchy are the Dalits, previously known as untouchables. Anyone living in Nepal would be aware of the deadly, violent crimes committed against Dalits, almost always with no legal consequences. (Since I recorded this episode at least two Dalit girls have been raped and murdered.)


12 min read

Oversold, overhyped, evidence-free development


Nijgadh is not about environment vs. development, it’s the economics that makes no sense at all.

11 min read

Criminalization of cow-slaughter is a tool of caste terror

Even in a supposedly secular era, the Nepali state continues to uphold upper-caste Hindu values

9 min read

How visibility is changing the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Nepal

Society acknowledges but does not accept