Roshan Sedhai


How the equity gap affects access to Covid tests and treatment

While the affluent can pick and choose, for many who are poor, Covid treatment is a distant reality

Migrant workers deported from Qatar without justification return home

The deportation of Nepali migrant workers from Qatar is just one example of the unfair treatment they have experienced abroad

Nepal’s unprotected, underpaid, overstretched health workers

Many frontline workers are neither being paid the promised risk allowances nor their salaries

Workers left in the lurch

The govt has callously suspended its campaign to repatriate stranded migrant workers

Hospitals complicit in the deaths of at least a dozen patients...

Hospitals across Nepal have denied treatment to patients with Covid-like symptoms. So far, they have not faced any consequences

How acid attacks are fueled by a corrosive culture of male...

Acid attacks constitute one of the most brutal manifestations of deep seated patriarchy

Farmers devastated by lockdown

Nepali farmers have had to silently bear the brunt of a lopsided approach to Covid-19

How India saved the Oli government

The ongoing border dispute, inflamed by India, has given back the reins of the country to an otherwise faltering premier

Shame on you, PM!

Oli’s reputation has deteriorated alongside his questionable decisions as the nation’s premier

Take us home: detained workers’ plea to Nepal from Qatar

Inside Qatar’s deportation centre, migrants detained under woefully harsh conditions