The Record


In between disasters

Sushil Koirala’s term as prime minister will be remembered as one of inaction in the face of adversity

Four Nepali short stories

Introduced and translated by Theodore Riccardi, Jr.

A fertile land the victim of neglect

News from 1953 about the turmoil in Nepal’s Terai still resonates today

The path of struggle

Author Aditya Adhikari shares an excerpt from his new book The Bullet and the Ballot Box

Hindu mob attacks feminists gathered in a park to discuss women’s...

The mob, calling the women “Christians,” vandalized their tent and threatened to decapitate all of them

Death in Madhes

The Nepal Police continues to defy a six-month old court order to investigate Ram Sevak Dhobi’s alleged murder

The sand and the fury

Slavery is the new normal for migrant workers, our reporter discovers in Qatar

Police brutality on Dolpo’s “black day” under investigation

The National Human Rights Commission is investigating alleged police brutality in Dho on June 3 that took two lives

Game of thrones

The English translation of Baburam Acharya’s Aba Yesto Khahilyai Nahos offers a glimpse into Nepal’s shockingly bloody past

Gangsters at play

An ingenious, must-see documentary about the trauma of Indonesia’s bloody campaign against the communists