The Record


Deuba’s reluctance to join the anti-Oli protests could severely impact Nepal’s...

Even those within Deuba’s own party think he is building an alliance with the PM

Oli sacrifices the constitution to save his skin

The PM creates chaos, and invites ridicule for dissolving parliament at a time when he should be focusing on the Covid-19 crisis

‘Corrupt’ CIAA tasked with probing Covid corruption

The parliament asks the CIAA to prosecute those involved in the Omni medical equipment procurement scam, but nothing will probably come of it

Pet president

The president has become a rubber stamp for the prime minister’s authoritarian onslaughts, making a mockery of the position of the head of state

How Everest was measured

The official height of Everest was determined through the use of high-tech instruments and with Nepali surveyors making the dangerous climb to the top of the mountain

PM Oli issues yet another controversial ordinance

PM Oli introduces an ordinance without the knowledge of his cabinet members, has it quickly endorsed, and holds a Constitutional Council meeting in the absence of the opposition leader and speaker

Lessons we don’t learn from history

Determined to crush Maoist rebels instead of seeking a political solution, Oli is repeating the same mistakes Deuba made in the 90s which resulted in a decade-long people’s war

The government’s failures on several fronts prompt backlash

The recent protests and public proclamations against the government’s various failings show the NCP needs to get its act together

Swindled sugarcane farmers stage protests in the Capital amidst Covid crisis

After suffering injustice for years, the farmers have finally descended on Kathmandu to press their demands

Pro-monarchy protests gain momentum across the country

Mass protests demanding a return to monarchy and a Hindu state show the public’s simmering discontentment with a left-led government