The Record


Govt plans reductions in PCR tests while relegating state funded treatment...

The government’s latest set of decisions has baffled experts and the public alike
Dr. Govinda KC. Photo credit: AFP

Dr KC goes on hunger strike

With his latest fast, Dr KC is seeking to bring the government to book for both its recent and past transgressions

Price of PCR tests to be slashed

In the midst rise in Covid cases, the health ministry makes some positive announcements

Landslides continue to batter Sindhupalchok

Villages routinely get swept away in Nepal’s most landslide-prone district because locals, fed up with government apathy, are building settlements in risky locations

The race to trial Covid-19 vaccines in Nepal

Three countries are courting Nepal to conduct anti-corona vaccines here, but experts caution Nepal to proceed carefully

Another record rise in Covid cases, with almost half of them...

At the current rate, confirmed Covid cases will almost double when the prohibitory order expires next week

Kathmandu gradually opens up, but Covid cases keep rising

Kathmandu Valley sees record high coronavirus cases with the easing of prohibitory orders

To protect inmates from Covid-19, Court orders early release of those...

The authorities are finally being forced to address corona-related issues in prisons, but they still remain far too crowded

Kathmandu Valley eases prohibitory orders

A three week long prohibitory order has been eased in the capital, allowing regulated mobility of people

Lockdown worsens fertiliser shortage

For many paddy farmers, using fertilisers this time of year is crucial