Bhadra Sharma

Bhadra Sharma is a Kathmandu-based freelance journalist who covers Nepal for national and international media outlets. He is also the co-author of the book “Impunity and Political Accountability in Nepal.”

Nepal needs to capitalize on the Bahraini Royal Guards’ expedition to...

Save for a rare royal Himalayan expedition, the mountaineering sector has seen next to no climbers during the Covid-19 crisis

Everest aura gets tarnished by fake summiteers

Nepal’s Department of Tourism has come under fire for awarding summit certificates to climbers who never made it to the top of Everest

The OMNI scandal and its impacts

The Oli government’s corrupt involvements in the procurement deals for lifesaving PPEs and test kits

The Bajhang rape and murder case

A 12-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped and killed by an ‘upper caste’ man last week.

Reconciliation reached among NCP’s leaders

The ruling party’s top leaders have finally come to a truce, but the peace probably won’t last

Bam Dev’s ascendancy

With the NCP Secretariat recommending Gautam to the Upper House, the party has prevented the infighting from taking everyone down--for now

Tension runs high in Nepal’s overcrowded prisons after first inmate dies...

Nepal’s prison system is inadequately equipped to deal with mounting coronavirus cases

Nepotism continues to flourish under the Oli government

Throughout his career, Upendra Koirala has occupied a set of high profile positions by appeasing communist leaders

How govt officials are looting the Covid coffers

Elected representatives and officials across the bureaucratic spectrum have used the Covid-19 crisis as yet another opportunity to amass wealth

The deadly combination of rains, roads, and landslides

Nepal has had a record number of landslide-related deaths this year