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Prachanda speaks – again; Nepal Army tries transparency; mosquitoes threaten govt

The week in politics: what happened, what does it mean, why does it matter

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How much is China investing in Nepal, where, and how?

Nepal could be on the verge of an unprecedented growth spurt – and unprecedented debt.

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The week in politics

Your Week in Politics: What happened, what does it mean, why does it matter. 17 Scams, 26 Dead Cows, an exam for journos, and the PM’s Permanent Health Crisis.

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The Week in Politics

What happened, what does it mean, why does it matter.


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How an Aboriginal approach to mental health is helping farmers deal with drought

Psychological tools developed with Aboriginal people can also support Australian farmers whose land is suffering the effects of climate change.

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How Jumla became a land of apples

Jumla’s apple future arose from the convergence of three historical changes in the 50s: the Green Revolution, Nepal’s national development project, and the new era of development aid.

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Oversold, overhyped, evidence-free development


Nijgadh is not about environment vs. development, it’s the economics that makes no sense at all.

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How going hungry affects children for their whole lives

Food poverty is on the rise in rich countries. And evidence suggests the impact can last for years afterwards.


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Surma Saravor Jatra


A personal account of the Surma Saravor Jatra, a six day-long festival celebrated every even year of the Nepali calendar by the people of Darchula’s Ghajir and Chetti villages.

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Let us now stop praising famous men (and women)

Being critical of the famous and wealthy can help rein bad behavior.

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“Are you married?” – Questions Kathmandu gynecologists ask

Unmarried women in Kathmandu are being stigmatized by gynaecologists for their sexual choices – and it may have dire consequences for their health.

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Why is psychedelic culture dominated by privileged white men?

A look into the psychedelic culture’s white-man problem.