In  2018, the narrative of the status-quo has been that Nepal is steadily moving towards prosperity. But our most read stories point to a different narrative. Rape cases, Sexual harassment, low conviction rate for rape crimes are the stories that you choose to engage with the most.

This year we measured more closely the amount of time readers spent with stories.

Here are the top ten:

  1. We were sexually harassed  by a Tribhuvan University professor  
  2. The problem with Nepal’s porn ban
  3. Wy does rape have a low conviction rate in Nepal? 
  4. The hunt for Nirmala Panta’s killer 
  5. Me too and Nepal’s patriarchy problem
  6. Untouchable stories of touchable vaginas 
  7. The cost of British recruitment of Nepali youth 
  8. Anatomy of a rape 
  9. Ambitious pride project threaten Khokana heritage
  10. The revolutionary and the lawyer 

What were the most memorable stories you read this year? Are there topics you would have liked to see us cover? Write to us at [email protected] 

[Feature image:Kathmandu | 1981
Women from all walks of life gather for a mass meeting in Kathmandu to submit a letter of protest to the government following the rape and murder of sisters Namita and Sunita Bhandari in Pokhara that rocked the country.]