We won't say this quiz is tough, but we can't say it's easy either
What is the name of the recently appointed minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal?
Leader of CPN and former PM Prachanda said that he would be hailed a hero if were taken to a certain court. What court was it?
The Election Commission announced that it was going to hold by-elections. What level of government are these elections for?
Law-makers are calling for the reduction of legal marriageable age. What is the current minimum marriageable age in Nepal?
When is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples celebrated?
Which of the following programs received flak for exploiting taxes?
According to the Ministry of Finance, what is the total debt that Nepal government owes?
How many federal level ministries are there in Nepal?
The Record Quizzes: What's going on in Nepali politics?
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