Death penalty never the solution to crime

Demand for the reinstatement of capital punishment in the Constitution goes against Nepal’s human rights obligations

Strong opposition the only hope as the Oli govt...

The government’s latest decision to stop providing free testing and treatment for Covid-19 patients is being panned by a growing group of political leaders
"Durbar group. King of Nepal, Col Ramsay the Resident, Rag Gooroo &c" by Clarence Comyn Taylor, 1863. Photo credit: The British Library

Why did the British not colonize Nepal?

One of the key questions regarding the historical development of the Nepali state pertains to its independence

How the Oli government is weakening federalism

By shoring up all power at the centre, NCP head honchos are choking the life out of the country’s still-nascent federal units

Domestic workers in the Gulf plagued by abuse and...

A report by Amnesty International highlights the dire state of foreign domestic workers in Qatar