Shame on you, PM!

Oli’s reputation has deteriorated alongside his questionable decisions as the nation’s premier
"Durbar group. King of Nepal, Col Ramsay the Resident, Rag Gooroo &c" by Clarence Comyn Taylor, 1863. Photo credit: The British Library

Why did the British not colonize Nepal?

One of the key questions regarding the historical development of the Nepali state pertains to its independence

Kathmandu Valley goes into semi-lockdown

A sharp rise in Covid infections has compelled the government to buckle up

Hospitals complicit in the deaths of at least a...

Hospitals across Nepal have denied treatment to patients with Covid-like symptoms. So far, they have not faced any consequences

Stress and suicide in Nepal’s quarantines

Several inmates have died by suicide while many others have been hobbled by the depression and anxiety resulting from conditions inside Nepal’s ill-managed quarantine facilities