The Indian checkposts, Lipu Lekh, and Kalapani

A resolution to the disputed territory along Nepal’s northern boundary will come only when India and China agree to demarcate their border

Occupy Tundikhel, help democratize the Nepal Army

With Occupy Tudikhel Nepal gets an opportunity to question larger forces that are shaping it physically, and politically.

The Nepalis in America’s wars

Today is Veteran’s Day in the US, but Nepali contractors who work for the US war effort remain under-appreciated and underpaid.
"Durbar group. King of Nepal, Col Ramsay the Resident, Rag Gooroo &c" by Clarence Comyn Taylor, 1863. Photo credit: The British Library

Why did the British not colonize Nepal?

One of the key questions regarding the historical development of the Nepali state pertains to its independence

The Memory Palace – Part 1

A history of the residence of Nepal's former royals.