Shubhanga Pandey

Shubhanga Pandey is a Kathmandu-based journalist who writes on politics and culture. His work has appeared in Himal Southasian, Jacobin, The Caravan, among others. He tweets at @shubhangap.

Born by a river

The story of a landless farmer living on the banks of Mechi

Does Nepal have freedom of speech online?

And what you can do if you get arrested.

Breaking Nepal blames white writers for Nepal’s ills and here’s why...

The judgment of events past—the conquest of Gorkhali empire two centuries ago for example—still divides Nepalis. For the critics, the legacy of the conquests...

The cult of innovation

In his plan for a National Innovation Center, Mahabir Pun seems to have overlooked something crucial: what it takes to innovate

A declaration of independence

Yug Pathak’s play Yuma makes a radical case for women’s liberation

A difficult harvest

The much-acclaimed production of Makaiko Arkai Kheti illustrates the narrow political imagination of our arts