Shradha Ghale

Shradha Ghale is a writer and editor.

The anti-reservation brigade

The reduction of quotas in civil service represents yet another backlash against inclusion.

A Panorama of Life

The novel captures the beauty of small moments and ordinary lives

The dark side of Nepal’s national parks

As the elites profit from natural resources, the poor and marginalized pay the price of conservation with evictions, fines, and jail sentences

The heart of the matter, part 3

Unequal power relations and extractive development are condemning Tamang communities to poverty

The heart of the matter, part 2

In marginalized communities, access to power makes all the difference

The heart of the matter

The effects of two centuries of exploitation in the Tamang heartland are inhibiting its recovery from the earthquake

Unsustainable development

Harmful development practices are causing Nepal’s indigenous communities to ask, who is this development for?

Good intentions gone wrong

Nepal’s conservation practices are leaving indigenous communities unprotected

The wrong side of the thin blue line

In secular Nepal, non-Hindus regularly face police harassment