Sandesh Ghimire

Sandesh Ghimire is a journalist based in Kathmandu.

In search of home – reading Nepali literature in translation

A part of a changing literary landscape, Muna Gurung's translation of Nepali poetry provokes several questions on belonging.
Pride day celebration in Kathmandu, Nepal

How visibility is changing the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Nepal

Society acknowledges but does not accept

Why the federal states have not been able to deliver, explained

 The state governments have been frustrated due to lack of cooperation  from the federal government. Almost seven months after the Chief Ministers of states were...

City cracks down on street vendors to “drive them back to...

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has seized goods from 400 vendors

Government pressure shut down play about Tibetan refugees before PM’s visit...

The director and the theatre were intimidated into remaining silent