Sabin Ninglekhu

Sabin Ninglekhu is currently conducting post-doctoral research that examines the post-earthquake rebuilding of households in the old settlements of the Kathmandu Valley.

For the airport yet to come

For the ordinary residents of Nijgadh, the airport has already come—as the fear and uncertainty that now pervade the everyday, of being displaced and dispossessed

A renewed beginning for Harisiddhi

A community comes together to rebuild and reclaim the heritage lost in 2015 earthquake

Senterum, life in a Limbu town

Politics in the everyday of Meyanglung

How a municipality in Kathmandu gave the landless a break

In a recent chat over chiya, Pitamber Sharma, a geographer-planner by degree and a well-known public intellectual, described the slum as a “Janus-faced” place:...