Rudra Pangeni

Rudra Pangeni, the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Nepal. Pangeni is Bertha Fellow.

The Ncell shell game: Did foreign firms fund Nepali investors’ giant...

A series of clandestine, if legal, deals between numerous offshore companies has netted millions in profits to a handful of Nepali investors

Upendra Mahato made millions and paid almost no taxes

Through sales of his Ncell shares, Mahato possibly made over $400 million and paid almost none of the capital gains tax he was supposed to

Why Kathmandu’s land prices continue to skyrocket

Nepal’s moneyed classes, aided by unscrupulous banks and an irresponsible government, have turned land into a quickly tradeable commodity

Castles in the air

Buyers of units in high-rises and colonies continue to get ripped off by developers because the authorities have turned a blind eye to the sector’s problems