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New mandate could help provide some succour to nurses being exploited...

Hospitals that don’t abide by the MoHP’s directive won’t be able to continue operating

Bhattarai’s recent embezzlement allegations against top-rung leaders need to be examined

The former prime minister’s explosive accusations about corruption in the Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project could have far-reaching ramifications

Govt recklessly loosens mass-transit restrictions

Experts warn that increased, unfettered mobility of people across the country will increase Covid-19 spread

The mysterious death of the rhinos

A research team is being set up to investigate rhino deaths at Chitwan National Park

Is Covid-19 a virus that can only infect PM Oli?

The strict protocols around the PM’s safety contradict the government’s overall lacklustre Covid response

Dr KC ends hunger strike after govt agrees to his demands

Public support for Dr KC’s cause has forced the government’s hand, but as always, questions remain about the agreement’s implementation

Nepal confirms record increase of 5,008 new infections in a single...

The infection count could double in 20 days--such numbers could break the country’s health system

Nepal’s Covid-19 infections surpass the 100,000 mark while fatalities reach 600

At 100,000 cases, the coronavirus pandemic in Nepal appears nowhere near ending

Nepal records another highest single-day rise in Covid cases

Increased testing finally reveals full extent of Covid proliferation in Nepal

Nepal confirms record increase of 3,439 new infections in the past...

To lessen the load on the country’s hospitals, the government has asked that people go to the hospital only for medical emergencies