The Record


Deceptive Covid figures

The coronavirus numbers have gone down only because testing has decreased, but the government would have you believe otherwise

Everest grows taller by 86 cm

Nepal accepts China’s request to jointly announce the new height of the world’s highest peak while risking being dismissed by the international mountain community

Why the mid-hills continue to get denuded of people

Unless the basic needs of the villagers in Nepal’s mid-hills are addressed, they will continue to migrate to other places

An avoidable death

Poorer Nepalis with chronic diseases such as kidney ailments are struggling to afford and avail of medical care during the Covid-19 pandemic

A health revolution in name only

While the government touts its mega health-infrastructure plan, its mismanagement of the Covid crisis shows it will probably not be able to deliver on the plan’s promises

Oli’s recent counterattack has Dahal in a bind

Will Dahal continue the infighting within the NCP, or will he completely sever ties with Oli? It all depends on the other head honchos’ moves

Will Nepalis get anti-Covid vaccines on time?

Fraught relations within Nepal’s ruling party likely to cause delay in the entry of Covid vaccines when ready

Nepal starts issuing on-arrival visa for tourists

Tourism entrepreneurs, workers cautiously welcome the country’s opening up again

More frontline medics succumb to Covid-19

Even as health workers continue to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty, the government continues to turn a blind eye to their problems

A never-ending saga of power tussles: The NCP edition

The chronic in-fighting between Oli and Dahal has reached a point where a party split looks imminent