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No real change in Valley’s Covid case numbers, despite recent dips

Even as health experts push for more tests, govt has started scaling them down

Bir Hospital designated ‘Covid-19 Special Hospital’

The govt has finally heeded expert suggestions to create a hospital dedicated only to treating coronavirus cases

Patients continue to die as hospitals refuse treatment

Even though the government has mandated private health institutions to open their services to Covid-19 patients, many are denying them treatment

The extension of the prohibitory orders in the Valley is starting...

With the govt unable to implement a coherent Covid strategy--including regarding festivals--fed up Lalitpur denizens take matters into their own hands

Kathmandu Valley extends prohibitory orders until September 9

The decision was made by authorities since the coronavirus has continued to rise at a steady pace for the past week

The recent warning to the govt by HRW will probably fall...

Even as rights bodies continue to call out the Nepal government for its atrocities and lack of action in human rights cases, it continues with its culture of impunity

Various places in the country seeing community-level Covid spread

A steady rise in new Covid-19 cases in the past weeks proves community-level spread is here, warn public health experts, but the government remains in denial still

Qatar scraps the kafala sponsorship system, liberating workers from a modern...

Reforms in Qatar’s labour laws could be instrumental in improving the working and living conditions of 400,000 Nepali migrant workers

How the govt botched its Covid-containment strategy in Kathmandu Valley

Not instituting the right measures from the get go has turned the capital into a coronavirus hotbed

High-profile figures test positive as Kathmandu sees uptick in Covid cases

The government’s recent stringent measures seem to be a response to more and more public figures getting infected