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Dr. Govinda KC. Photo credit: AFP

For Govinda KC’s protest to succeed, he must attack crony capitalism

Nothing, it seems, is sacred – not even people’s health. The tentacles of money in politics are deep, and businessmen masquerading as politicians are seeking...
Krishna Acharya and Krishna Gyawali who broke the Nepal tax scam story

How two journalists broke Nepal’s biggest tax scam story

Earlier this month, two journalists from the Kantipur daily came out with an explosive story on the largest ever case of tax fraud in...

Why Nepal is a crony capitalist state

Beneath the biggest tax fraud in history lies a corrupt nexus among politicians and businesses

The Nepal Army has been deployed for elections, and that’s bad...

On June 26, President Bidhya Bhandari, the supreme commander of the army, approved the government’s request to mobilize the army during the second phase...

Police chiefs convicted of corruption avoid arrest, enjoy state benefits

Perks include security guards and domestic help

Sher Bahadur Deuba has managed to become prime minister for a...

Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba became prime minister for the fourth time on June 6. Such things don’t usually happen in well-functioning democracies,...

Millions still waiting on a chance to vote

Registration and voting regulations are making it difficult for many Nepalis to get to the polls

In between disasters

Sushil Koirala’s term as prime minister will be remembered as one of inaction in the face of adversity

Four Nepali short stories

Introduced and translated by Theodore Riccardi, Jr.

A fertile land the victim of neglect

News from 1953 about the turmoil in Nepal’s Terai still resonates today