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More frontline medics succumb to Covid-19

Even as health workers continue to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty, the government continues to turn a blind eye to their problems

A never-ending saga of power tussles: The NCP edition

The chronic in-fighting between Oli and Dahal has reached a point where a party split looks imminent

No justice for conflict victims in a state that operates with...

Nepal’s failure to prosecute conflict-era rights violations has enabled fresh rights abuses

With winter approaching, a surge in Covid-19 cases likely

One in every five PCR tests coming out positive shows an alarming rate of spread which will worsen as winter deepens

Covid-19 infections cross the 200,000 mark in Nepal

With 202,329 cases, the country has reached a new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic

Bam Dev Gautam finally gets his wish as the SC paves...

The decision to allow Gautam, who came up short in the 2017 elections, to work as a minister will set a bad precedent

How will Trump’s exit impact Nepal?

What to expect with regards to local politics, American aid, immigration to the US, and the battle against climate change

‘Federal Democratic Republic’ to be removed from Nepal’s official name

The decision to officially shorten Nepal’s official name casts yet another shadow on Oli’s commitment to federalism

Apex court offers two options to the Oli govt: ensure free...

In recent times, the Supreme Court, which has handed down many controversial verdicts, seems to be the only state organ that cares about public health

Death toll hits a record high even as more frontliners quit

Unless the government treats health workers better, soon there won’t be any of them available to tackled the deepening Covid-19 crisis