The Record


Death by negligence

Siddhartha Aahuji would still be alive today if two hospitals had valued his life

Politicians and Covid quackery

First they trafficked in misinformation. Now, they’re peddling dubious medicine

A parasite state

The government wants to make money off stranded Nepali workers desperate to return home

Exploitation, pay cuts and layoffs: the fate of journalists

The pandemic has exacerbated already fraught relations between journalists and their employers

The RDT fiasco

The unreliable RDT kits deployed by the govt have made the Covid crisis worse

No pay, no food for many Nepalis in Qatar

A recently released AI report shows how Qatar is still mistreating migrant workers from countries like Nepal

Crackdown on peaceful protesters as the government abuses power

Police respond to protests with water cannons and arrests

Doubly burdened

Single women who provide for their families are facing extreme difficulties surviving the lockdown

PM Oli turns a blind eye to Dalit woes

Oli’s conspicuous silence on the recent Dalit lynching is disconcerting, to say the least

‘Safer at home than in quarantine’

The mass-quarantine centres in Nepal are only adding to the suffering of migrant workers returning from India