The Record


Nepal confirms record increase of 26 deaths and 5,743 new cases...

On the eve of Dashain, the nation records yet another highest single daily rise in Covid cases

How the Oli government is weakening federalism

By shoring up all power at the centre, NCP head honchos are choking the life out of the country’s still-nascent federal units

Domestic workers in the Gulf plagued by abuse and exploitation

A report by Amnesty International highlights the dire state of foreign domestic workers in Qatar

Strong opposition the only hope as the Oli govt surrenders to...

The government’s latest decision to stop providing free testing and treatment for Covid-19 patients is being panned by a growing group of political leaders

MPs pressured into returning their Dashain allowances

The earlier decision to provide festival perks to lawmakers—even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the general populace—has been widely panned

After roads and viewing towers, stadium mania grips Nepal

Local bodies across Nepal are funneling scarce resources into pointless projects like stadiums even as people in their constituency struggle to make a living

Damning report from the ground backs earlier media stories about China’s...

In the face of repeated denials by the governments of China and Nepal, a team of Nepalis has presented evidence of Chinese presence inside Humla

New mandate could help provide some succour to nurses being exploited...

Hospitals that don’t abide by the MoHP’s directive won’t be able to continue operating

Bhattarai’s recent embezzlement allegations against top-rung leaders need to be examined

The former prime minister’s explosive accusations about corruption in the Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project could have far-reaching ramifications

Govt recklessly loosens mass-transit restrictions

Experts warn that increased, unfettered mobility of people across the country will increase Covid-19 spread