Peter Gill

Peter Gill writes about the environment, politics, and human rights issues in Nepal.

After a suspicious death and rapes, a climate of fear in...

Two years after Pramila Tharu was found dead in a forest in Bardiya’s Sangarshanagar, local women continue to live in fear

Shivaratri in Gobardiha

Shivaratri melaa (fair) in Gobardiha is a marketplace for traders, a venue for theater and dance, a gamblers’ den, even a place to search for love.

The Nepalis in America’s wars

Today is Veteran’s Day in the US, but Nepali contractors who work for the US war effort remain under-appreciated and underpaid.

Why Nepal loves Rabi Lamichhane – and why some revile him

Sidha Kura Janta Sanga has propelled Rabi Lamichhane to fame as a figure of integrity who makes good on his commitments to seek justice for the common man

Freed from bondage, ready to vote

Seventeen years after emancipation, many ex-kamaiyas prepare to vote in local elections for the first time

Days and nights in Nepalgunj

Life, politics, and identity in an underappreciated border city

Koilabas: a town left behind

Along the Nepal-India border lies a place where history runs deep, but the future is uncertain

The water bringers

On Nepal’s largest island, Tharu local governance has allowed traditional irrigation practices to survive

From Nepalgunj to Chiang Mai and back

Srita Diswa Magar is one of Nepal’s best women cricket players. As wicket-keeper, she helped bring home the Asian Cricket Council’s U-19 Women’s Championship title from Thailand in 2008.

Betel mania

How one man’s passion has led to a lifetime of innovation