Noah Coburn and Dawa Sherpa

Noah Coburn (@NcoburnNoah) is a political anthropologist at Bennington College in Vermont, U.S.A. He spent five years conducting research and writing about the American war in Afghanistan. He is author of several books, most recently, Losing Afghanistan: An Obituary for the Intervention. His writing appears regularly in periodicals in the U.S. and elsewhere. He has a forthcoming book on the experience of Nepali workers in Afghanistan which will be published in 2018 entitled Under Contract: The Invisible Workers of America's Global War. Dawa Sherpa is an Independent Researcher. Previously he worked as a researcher on migration and labor issues at the Social Science Baha in Kathmandu, Nepal. Together, they conducted extensive field research in India and Nepal on recruitment into the British military and private security firms by the U.S.

The cost of British recruitment on Nepali youth

What happens to the Nepali youth who try to get into the British Gurkha, and fail