Lucy Maddox

Dr Lucy Maddox is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and writer. She works clinically on an NHS psychiatric ward for teenagers at the Maudsley Hospital in south London, and she lectures at the Institute of Pyschiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience and the Anna Freud Centre. Lucy has written for various publications including the Guardian, Science, Prospect, the Psychologist, the Times and the Huffington Post. She was a British Science Association Media Fellow in 2013. Follow her on Twitter: @lucy_maddox or read her blog Psychology Magpie. Lucy’s writing does not express the opinion of any of the organisations she works for in her clinical or academic roles.

“I saw things children shouldn’t see” – surviving a troubled childhood

Why are some people able to become happy, well-adjusted adults even after growing up with violence or neglect? Their life stories – from 1950s Hawaii to the orphanages of Romania – could provide answers that will help more children to thrive.