Ishita Shahi

Ishita Shahi is a student of Media Studies at Kathmandu University.

Nepal readies vaccines for the elderly but many are hesitant

Misinformation regarding the vaccine’s side-effects is spreading and without a concerted counter campaign, such false information will only proliferate.

Print is back but many journalists are not

The effects of the pandemic -- salaries slashed and jobs lost -- have yet to wear off on Nepal’s journalists.

Vaccines for everyone, except the elderly

The elderly continue to wait their turn as journalists, diplomats, development workers, government officials, and bankers get the jab.

The numbers game

All safety precautions have been relaxed in Nepal but instead of rising, Covid-19 cases are falling, perplexing the medical community.

The pandemic shut her down but it taught a lesson

Sumitra Bhujel has learned the value of adapting to technology and using the digital market to do business

Harassed, beaten, and jailed

Transgender individuals continue to face abuse at the hands of the Nepal Police

Every fibre of his being

Covid-19 forced Jaquir Mansuri to cancel his daughter’s wedding and delay his plans for retirement but the pandemic is not over yet and Mansuri has gone back to work.

Motherhood challenges that Nepal’s women inmates face

Women prisoners struggle with the difficult choice of sending their kids away or bringing them up in a milieu that could negatively impact their child’s development

How the country’s vegetable cartels continue to rip off both farmers...

Nepal’s vegetable prices are largely determined by the middlemen traders rather than by the logic of actual supply and demand

How acid attacks are fueled by a corrosive culture of male...

Acid attacks constitute one of the most brutal manifestations of deep seated patriarchy