Irina Giri

Irina Giri is an interdisciplinary artist pursuing her interests in video, music, and writing.

A victory for the democrats

The Rana regime ends and King Tribhuvan promises a Constituent Assembly

A regime on the verge of collapse

As the Rana regime nears its downfall, Nepal gets its first constitution

A growing resistance

Juddha faces resistance from the Rana family, the Nepali dissenters, and the British India

The First World War and its aftermath

The British affirm Nepal's independence, and dissent starts to find voices
chandra shumsher rana coronation of Tribhuvan

Bir to Chandra

Reforms, some for the sake of the British Empire, others for the Nepali people

Jung takes control

A sketch of his life to understand his character, strategies, and ambitions

The downfall of Bhimsen Thapa

Who will rule the country now?

Five incidents from the Anglo-Nepal war

Gorkhalis put up a tough fight but a change in British strategy brings about a decisive turn of events

The path to war

Nepal prepares for war with the British

Flirting with disaster

A young king’s passions swerves Nepal into precarious circumstances