Dewan Rai

Dewan Rai is a senior correspondent for The Record. He tweets at @rdewan

The NHRC finally lists rights abusers publicly, but will the perpetrators...

The commission’s recently published list of rights abusers who remain unpunished shines a light on the culture of impunity that has plagued the country for far too long

A heavy-handed central government continues to undermine the spirit of federalism

Throughout the Covid crisis, the centre has refused to devolve power, creating more obstacles in response mechanisms than resolving them

Bailed out by blood money

The state’s practice of paying out compensations to protect its personnel from prosecution prevents actual justice from being delivered and helps promote a culture of impunity

Enabling impunity

Politicians have mastered the art of exploiting the nexus between themselves and prosecutors to always remain beyond the arm of the law

How the state continues to dispossess Chepangs

The forceful eviction of landless Chepangs from protected forest areas is a violation of their constitutional rights

Dereliction of duty

A recently released parliamentary report points out many lapses in how the police handled the recent murders of Dalits in Rukum

How Oli destroyed Nepal’s democratic machinery to serve his own ends

The seeds for the current crisis in Singha Durbar were sown by Oli during his rise to the top and his tenure there

How the Maoist strife has reignited in Nepal, explained

An arrogant government and stubborn rebels, both communists, are leading Nepal to another civil war

Youth’s death in police shooting reminiscent of the Maoist insurgency

“He did not have any political sense at all. He was a happy go lucky boy,” said one of his high school teachers

Foundations of transitional justice mechanisms in the country may be destroyed...

Hearing of the “review petition” will take place on May 16. Victims worry that mass amnesty may be granted to perpetrators.