Deepak Adhikari

Deepak Adhikari is a Kathmandu-based freelance journalist.

The Ncell shell game: Did foreign firms fund Nepali investors’ giant...

A series of clandestine, if legal, deals between numerous offshore companies has netted millions in profits to a handful of Nepali investors

Upendra Mahato made millions and paid almost no taxes

Through sales of his Ncell shares, Mahato possibly made over $400 million and paid almost none of the capital gains tax he was supposed to

Some claims in Putin memes circulating in Nepal are false

At least two memes are circulating on social media in Nepal praising Russian President Vladimir Putin for granting audience to a visually-impaired Russian teenager. Some of the claims made in the memes are false.

PM Oli made three false claims

Fact-checking PM's claims defending his government’s COVID-19 response and overall performance.

WHO hasn’t approved any home remedy for COVID-19

A message circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger claims that an Indian student from Pondicherry University has found a cure for COVID-19, and the "home remedy" has been approved by World Health Organization (WHO).

Following the trail left in the Colombian jungle by Pradhan from...

The journey of a Nepali migrant who crossed 15 borders to reach the US

Finance minister overstates health sector allocation, makes wrong claim about Nepal’s...

Khatiwada spoke about the budget allocation for the health sector and income tax rates in Nepal. While talking about the two issues, he made false and misleading claims.

PM advises misleading remedies against COVID-19

Fact-checking Prime Minister KP Oli’s claims

Scientists worldwide in desperate search for COVID-19 drug

Insights on the trials and investigations for vaccines and drugs to treat COVID-19 patients.
Photo credit: Mountain Heart Nepal / Facebook

Helping in high waters

Young volunteers take the lead in assisting flood victims where government reach is sparse.