Bhadra Sharma

Bhadra Sharma is a Kathmandu-based freelance journalist who covers Nepal for national and international media outlets. He is also the co-author of the book “Impunity and Political Accountability in Nepal.”

The deadly combination of rains, roads, and landslides

Nepal has had a record number of landslide-related deaths this year

Nepal struggling to protect its inmates from Covid-19

Preventing coronavirus spread in Nepal’s overcrowded jails is becoming near impossible

Enabling impunity

Politicians have mastered the art of exploiting the nexus between themselves and prosecutors to always remain beyond the arm of the law

Trouble at the top

Ranjan Koirala’s release from custody represents just the latest failure in a series of cases bungled by Nepal’s supreme court

Game of thrones

By proposing a party general convention in December, Oli has managed to turn the tables on his comrades who want to oust him, but given the NCP’s overall landscape, the current stalemate at the top will likely continue

Reeling from one crisis to the next

INDRAWATI, Sindhupalchok | How a series of crises has pummelled the people of Sindhupalchok

Anti-corruption bill allows legal immunity to continue for Army, judges

A new amendment to the CIAA bill focuses on the business community but spares state bodies

Salvaging tourism

The tourism sector needs intervention, quickly

Under the influence

Three years and five chief justices later, no end in sight for Nepal’s infamous “Sudan scam”