Bhadra Sharma

Bhadra Sharma is a Kathmandu-based freelance journalist who covers Nepal for national and international media outlets. He is also the co-author of the book “Impunity and Political Accountability in Nepal.”

Polls in the time of a pandemic

Vaccinating Nepalis will cost billions of rupees, but the Oli government would rather divert government funds towards election preparations

Here’s what the drafters of the constitution have to say about...

With formal hearings at the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of Oli’s dissolution of the House beginning, The Record spoke to the writers of the statute for their take on possible interpretations.

No vaccines in sight for Nepal

As Nepal has only just started the procurement process, there is still no clarity on when the vaccines will arrive

Oli has scheduled an election for spring but prospects are slim

A series of constitutional, political, logistical, and temporal constraints will have to be resolved if a legitimate election is to be held in spring

The deepening chaos within the NCP spreads from the centre to...

The dissolution of Parliament marks just the beginning of the political turmoil that might roil the country unless the Supreme Court rights the ship

Tourism as a driver of local economies

While many local governments are yet to understand the value of tourism, some rural municipalities, such as Dharche, Helambu, and Madi, have made remarkable progress in promoting tourism at the local level

NCP factions declare a fight to finish as party awaits official...

NCP faction names Madhav Kumar Nepal as the party chief to replace KP Oli as Oli expands the party’s central committee by incorporating his loyalists

The many ramifications hinging on the spring elections

The apex court decision about the polls will set in motion repercussions that could change many things in Nepali politics

Planting hope

A few years ago, farmers in Salyan switched from growing traditional crops to timur and other climate-resilient crops. Their success story needs to be replicated across Nepal.

Nepali surveyor’s arduous journey to get to 8,848.86

How Khim Lal Gautam risked life and limb to ensure Nepal would be able to calculate Mt Everest’s official new height