Amish Raj Mulmi

Amish Raj Mulmi is a Nepali writer based in Delhi.

Caste has been essential to the Nepali Hindu state

Nepal’s history, as documented in Dalit: A Quest for Dignity, shows how entwined Hinduism and caste are.

“It’s difficult to govern a place if you don’t understand its...

Tsewang Lama discusses life and governance in Humla.

What next for federalism in Nepal

The campaigns revealed that either the idea of provinces hasn’t yet filtered down to the street level, or the federal project has been deliberately weakened
"Durbar group. King of Nepal, Col Ramsay the Resident, Rag Gooroo &c" by Clarence Comyn Taylor, 1863. Photo credit: The British Library

Why did the British not colonize Nepal?

One of the key questions regarding the historical development of the Nepali state pertains to its independence
“On the crowning day of Tribhuvan as King.” From Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya.

The Making of the Gorkha Empire: Part IV – The Present

How Nepal’s imperial history resulted in today’s inequalities
"The Kôt at Katmandoo during the Dussera", Watercolor by Henry Ambrose Oldfield, c. 1855.

The Making of the Gorkha Empire: Part III – Dominance and...

How the Khas-Arya Hindu elite created a nation in its own image

The Making of the Gorkha Empire: Part II – The Ruling...

Why the Gorkhali court was plagued by intrigues and conspiracies

The Making of the Gorkha Empire: Part I – Land

How the tiny Gorkhali hill-state territorially expanded to become Nepal

Situation normal, all fouled up

In the wake of the quake, it’s politics as usual