Abha Lal

Abha Lal is a former Associate Editor and current contributor at The Record

How the govt created the quarantine mess

Owing to its ineptitude, negligence, and corrupt practices, the government turned mass quarantine centres into Covid-19 hotspots

New visa regulations put Nepali students in the US in a...

New ICE regulations could force international students to return home

Police charge at Dalit protestors in Janakpur

The state’s heavy-handed response to Dalit demands

What mainstream feminists are getting wrong about the citizenship debate

The fundamental idea of a masculine Pahadi ethno-state needs to be challenged

Supposed ‘suicides’ point towards police incompetence

Angira’s death is one more example of brutality against Dalit bodies

Nĭ Hăo, Nepal

Whether or not students benefit, China's soft power is coming of age.

“Are you married?” – Questions Kathmandu gynecologists ask

Unmarried women in Kathmandu are being stigmatized by gynaecologists for their sexual choices – and it may have dire consequences for their health.

Toilet trauma

The government’s frantic plan to ensure that no one poops in public anymore uses possibly unconstitutional means that victimise the poorest.

Nijgadh Airport: What is proposed and why environmental analysts are so...

The proposed airport in Nijgadh, which would be Nepal’s second international airport, gets a lot of flak from environmentalists. The Record explains what is at stake.
A view of the Laprak houses

A Ghost Settlement in Gorkha

Non-Resident Nepali Association wasted NPR 350 million on houses no one wants to live in