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The Record
44 Stories

Irina Giri
16 Stories

Irina Giri is an interdisciplinary artist pursuing her interests in video, music, and writing.

Gyanu Adhikari
13 Stories

Gyanu Adhikari is a co-founder and the editor of The Record.

Bhola Paswan
12 Stories

Bhola Paswan is a senior reporter with The Record.

Sam Cowan
10 Stories

Sam Cowan is a retired British general who knows Nepal well through his British Gurkha connections and extensive trekking in the country over many years.

Shradha Ghale
9 Stories

Shradha Ghale is a writer and editor.

Aditya Adhikari
8 Stories

Aditya Adhikari is the author of The Bullet and the Ballot Box: The Story of Nepal’s Maoist Revolution.

Amish Raj Mulmi
8 Stories

Amish Raj Mulmi is a Nepali writer based in Delhi.

Supriya Manandhar
8 Stories

Supriya Manandhar is a desk editor, designer and reporter at The Record. She comes from a background in art education and visual arts.

Shubhanga Pandey
7 Stories

Shubhanga Pandey is a Kathmandu-based journalist who writes on politics and culture. His work has appeared in Himal Southasian, Jacobin, The Caravan, among others. He tweets at @shubhangap.

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