Nijgadh Airport to be Catastrophic for Nepal’s Tiger and Elephant Populations

Conservationists believe that the habitat degradation will have an adverse impact on large mammals

The Indian checkposts, Lipu Lekh, and Kalapani

A resolution to the disputed territory along Nepal’s northern boundary will come only when India and China agree to demarcate their border
"Durbar group. King of Nepal, Col Ramsay the Resident, Rag Gooroo &c" by Clarence Comyn Taylor, 1863. Photo credit: The British Library

Why did the British not colonize Nepal?

One of the key questions regarding the historical development of the Nepali state pertains to its independence

Scenes from the Bikas show, Part 1: The NGO training

In the year 2019, lots of people sitting around in a room looking bored is still the number one method of changing behavior, learning skills, or spreading awareness.

Activists win, NCP loses, more scandals, Kalapani and PM’s, redux

The week in politics: what happened, what does it mean, why does it matter.